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We love infographics here at There’s something about distilling large amounts of data into easy to read graphics that we find very fascinating. We’ve been looking for opportunities to present some of our data in a format other than charts and graphs and had the idea of mapping out where karters are and how they move around a region. The Midwest Region is a good choice for this, with strong traveling series like Route 66 and WKA Manufacturer’s Cup, and a few national powerhouse tracks like New Castle Motorsports Park. The area of the circles represent how many “Home Track Drivers” that track has. The connecting lines show how many drivers from a given track traveled to another track, with the color indicating the home track. We used every single driver and race from 2012 in the Midwest Region, so the smallest lines you see on the map are single drivers traveling to other tracks. It added a lot of work, but its fun to see things like the one driver from Pitt Race Karting traveling all the way to Stockholm Motorsports Park! 13 hours of driving one way shows serious dedication.

The most obvious thing you can see is that New Castle Motorsports Park is the center of the karting world in the Midwest. Even if you stretched this to a National level it would have a good chance of staying on top. The largest number of drivers traveling goes to G&J Kartway drivers making the trip to New Castle. Close proximity and the Ohio Valley Karting Association running one of their points races there probably have a lot to do with that. Michiana Raceway Park, Pitt Race Karting, and Briggs & Stratton Raceway Park all have a strong count of home track drivers, but MRP is more similar to New Castle in the level of what we like to call “cross racing”, whereas Pitt Race and B&S Raceway Park operate more on an island. Geography makes this unsurprising for Pitt Race, but B&S Raceway Park is surrounded by other tracks, so why is Concept Haulers Motor Speedway the only major cross-racing partner? Its tough to say and is pretty surprising given that B&S Raceway Park has been a stop for the Route 66 Series in 2012 and for several years into the past.

The more you look at the graphic the more things you can find. Feel free to download the larger sizes below, and if you really like the graphic you can print it out poster size! We hope you enjoy the graphic, if you find other cool things hiding in it let us know!

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